Pisen: Cloud Easy Power’s Journey in Malaysia

Sourse: The station 2014/10/12 9:36:08

The date was 11/10/2014. It was a day like any other where Ryan was busy with his routine of managing inventory;
ensure store tidiness and assisting customers with product usage.

Come afternoon, Ryan received a special order for “Cloud Easy Power” Trial event where the client is located in Kuala Lumpur.
As Pisen Store in Kuala Lumpur is still under preparation, this item will be dispatched from Penang branch which happens to be the
closest store from destination.

Ryan was told that this order is of great importance as it is the first overseas trial application. It is a must for the item to be delivered
on time to ensure customer satisfaction, and at the same time allows customers in Malaysia to experience Pisen’s Same Day Delivery.

After several hours of smooth journey, Cloud Easy Power was punctually delivered. It was still daytime when Ryan arrived at
customer’s premises. The customer was very pleased with the speedy delivery. After assisting the customer on usage methods,
Ryan embarked on journey home.

As of now, Pisen have just made its debut in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore, and is about to cover Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia,
and more than other 20 countries and regions. Pisen is putting great amount of attention to overseas market, and in the near future
will expand globally to provide a better & faster service to consumers.