Colour Diamond Film for iPhone 5 (Double Sided)

Price: RM59.90
Brand: Pisen 品胜
Product Code: 031160301019
Availability: In Stock
Weight: 0.04 kg
Size (LxWxH): 12.10 cm x 5.60 cm x 0.03 cm
Product Name : Colour Diamond Film for iPhone 5 (Double Sided)
Brand : Pisen
Model : iPhone 5
Type : ClearColour DiamondDiamondMatte

​Colour Diamond Film for iPhone 5 (Double Sided)

  • Special colours particles materials, diamond shining effect, reflect by light, does not affect screen when using the phone.

  • Surface process by HC, 4H-3H anti-scratches, effective anti-scratches.

  • Electrostatic adsorption, easy paste and no easy to get bubble.

Package includes:

Colour Diamond Film for iPhone 5 (Double Sided)



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