How Will El Nino Affect Malaysia?

How Will El Nino Affect Malaysia?

How Will El Nino Affect Malaysia?

What are El Niño?

El Niño are complex weather patterns resulting from variations in ocean temperatures in the central and eastern Pacific Ocean become warmer. Described as a warm oceanic phase, a current of warm nutrient-poor water replaces the cool nutrient-rich water within the Pacific area.


'Strong' El Nino to cause low rainfall in Malaysia

Malaysia’s rainfall intensity is expected to reduce by 20 to 60 percent starting January 2016, following the El Nino phenomenon currently sweeping the country. The current El Nino level was categorised as ‘strong’ and the country’s temperature is expected to rise between 0.5-2 Celsius.


Warm El Nino weather forecast from end-January to March 

The strong impact of El Nino would continue until April with the northern states in the peninsula starting to feel its effects.“El Nino’s strong impact will be felt by all the states in the peninsula, Sabah as well as in the Miri and Limbang divisions in Sarawak by the end of this month.“If we look at the records, the country’s maximum temperature when hit by El Nino in 1998 had reached 40.1 degrees Celsius


Prepare for El Nino water shortages, AWER tells public

The Association of Water and Energy also urges consumers to avoid excessively storing water that could in turn lead to further water shortages.